The Pan Problem Solvers

LloydPans’ custom pan capabilities help bakers and pizza operations throughout the world bake better products offering practical solutions to their baking problems, such as inefficiencies, waste or baking performance.

Custom Pans = Customer Success

Wholesale Bakery in Vermont

We discovered that their existing pans were responsible for considerable waste. We redesigned both the pans and companion lids to eliminate wasted product and improve the bottom line.

National Pizza Chain

Before our problem-solving team arrived on the scene, the pizza operator used used a peel and sheets of foil for sandwiches. We designed a custom perforated sandwich peel that eliminated the need for costly foil.

Getting Started

You may be surprised at how fast we turn around custom prototypes AND production. Our products are all made in the USA, and we're completely self contained. That's why we can accommodate custom requests according to design specifics and quantities needed.

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